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tv   Sports Life  Deutsche Welle  March 18, 2023 10:15am-10:31am CET

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germany won it all in mueller. once again, let the offense becoming only the 2nd player to score 5 goals. at consecutive world cuts, germany fell hard after that peak, failing to make it beyond the group stage in both russia and guitar. mueller was dropped by former coach. you were him love after the russia debacle, but recall 2 years later, now with flicks decision to leave miller of germany's latest roster his international career finally looks to have come to a neighbor here up to date. thanks for watching the w news. ah. these places in europe are smashing all the records, stepped into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of you up to record breaking sites on google maps you too. and now also in book
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form that i wish i could have done more st. you discover stories that you just click away. find out best documentary on youtube. oh, really good morning. see the world as you've never seen it before. describe now t d w documentary. oh oh oh oh oh oh i i, i, i'm cool. yeah. well, i'm 22 years old and i montes take this long bully it was diagnosed with autism
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while still a child. now she's an adapted swimming champion. was just like, i'm doing that. if we look back 30 years, someone like hulu, being a champion swimmer would have been unthinkable. one of her greatest achievements is to make autism visible. these are people who are capable of achieving whatever the aim for, provided we give them the tools. ah, ah, 8th oil, you know, i live in a tory molinas and i work at an occupational therapy center that i really like music and sports either. i'm a swimmer, i swim in the pool and in the c s, i've done a lot of sports athletic skating horseback riding, paddling bloodying. but i love sports. he may downtown love that brought this where
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they're at the la jolla has spent her whole life doing sports, both adapted and inclusive. and they're both very positive for her adapted sport provides her was learning tools and inclusive role models. lucille moriello, who his sister christina, has supported her since our kids. a college psychology thesis was on autism. she's currently helping, julio. prepare for her next big goal at the national swimming championships. like 50 meters, backstroke one 0, that's right. it was meant to 50 meters freestyle, one, let us release our 2 back stroke. those that are 2 languages, back stroke, either one, the whole empathy on greg when, when he started competing, there were a lot of things. she didn't understand money about why did things have to be done one way and not another but why wait so long? but i will pick 2 grams really help a lot. so there her way of understanding the world window. piano lessons with one who are another big help on that front.
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ah, the little one law we have in when julio lands in new passage, she's very methodical and precise. i don't think sometimes she can concentrate more than other people. yeah. and sometimes when improvising, she has a remarkable sense of rhythm with, let's do an improvisation example. and how about a song with the black keys of glass? the glinetta? yes. how about this 30? ah, you'll choose the diagnosis was a tough glue. cecilia's family. when did he think actually home when you're told that your child has a disability and that she won't be like the others you dream that she will be like the others? and inclusion is really happening through sports in a more autism has many levels. no 2 cases are the same company. at 1st it was
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complicated because many of the routines were very hard for her, which is why we included at in the therapy another. she's one metals at regional and national championships. but what we really appreciate are the sports benefits for julio lee. it means friends, autonomy, and new experiences in sports helps who to be happy that they bought a family. i knew that has been fully a gets up at 6 am to attend her training sessions. following routines is very important for her, such as keeping the calendars up to date and organizing all the activities on her agenda. ah, ah, gina. i
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love in the morning and in the afternoon, the swimming ah, what the body want me? good. my gold. come on up. no, we do 50 meters back as to whether abil, francesco medina is julio swimming coach. he used to train spanish olympic medalist the for him coaching. julio is a completely new challenge. when are you any of the vehicle? i have been at the top of the swimming world for this, and after that i didn't see myself as qualified to work with someone like hulu, hulu, or ian. but she's now a source of pride and motivation for me. but what again, we're me the, i'll really gives me something that no other swimmer can give you. it's really special to see someone with all her problems. so it gives you a feeling that it, oh, i just can't describe it. it makes my heart fool in context. if something me, you lack of a so awful head, don't lack of it. i don't,
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julia like i with that don't here, nor ocoee. not they are here. are going to breeze here. let's do it. think i look wavy here now, and i say more the n v n b o n. the county that i want internet modem, i'm considered a very tough coach, but with hulu, it's a different story on, but i have to understand julio, with julio, i need to be lou lincolnton or that she loves swimming a few more than the only drawback julia. sometimes has it who is that you can't change her routine level when she doesn't swim. one that tells me she's too excited to be in it. we need to do a lot more work with autism and the water we keep, but with professionals won't allow one that all come professionally. did i do elephant? yes. solomon, you're more than half a bottle. no, no, glad. oh,
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yes, i already has a bottle. okay, so that's it. yeah, mm hm. you know, swim now that know you're done with swimming, sweetie for you. i know i'm with in your home with swimming is not the only thing helping. julio. get along in life also. ah, by that i be the meta o c o o o, o, o, o, therapist oboski is preparing her for the next championship. we have a julio has a neuro developmental disorder of the cognitive area affecting communication and social skills or not. but she learns like you and me, but in different ways. medical will not be on the think i was on when bushel supports are very important. as is working on them beforehand, if we provide her with the right tools, she'll be able to cope on if there's no background work done. and she's in
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a permanent state of frustration and alarm that my father with a family, a lot of mom. i mean, i will, yeah. hey, here's the preparation that we're going to do before competing is before going to swim. and the bit are a few important things i got from my casa, we bought valdez. i don't settle or not, but we can't sit in those chairs. we go directly to the pool unless i, lima, i'll happy thing. and when we go out to the pool, they don't say hi to the public, but don't say hello, we just go, i'm, i'm in that office and i couldn't, i'll deal with it. normally, people with autism or of difficulty with language to operate with expression, communication, or tonality. they need a speech therapist to work on tonality or they can have more fluid conversation and look on an immediate i low. i was way for me to may is gone. all goes there. is i villa? no man guess?
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well he left both. okay. oh yes i did on both. okay. oh, i thought i via her is the host of the spanish national championships for adapted sports where julio is participating in a range of races. our that's oh is the coach of her regional team will yeah. when it up to my we thought of yes, her poses a radical change for julio. another pool, another environment, another locker room, living with a man. plus she's living in a hotel with her colleagues, that's the one. and that's quite a big change in her routine. that's a little bit fietta, but to say i've worked out my father in law that change is something that affects all of us face mom for someone with autism. and the changes in routines, i mean a very big challenge f by satellite. so, but i, if i thought from david, unless fully as daily diary of everything she eats and does, is a big help as his her sister, when it comes to choosing from the buffing camp was
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up. i mean, what can i eat without gluten or milk? with sal landra, ma'am, let's check the desert. they put it under cheap tank with the 1st day of competition is always hard for julio. she has difficulty controlling her excitement as easy. now. what does that mean with the other come in on a little day left already on the way from the hotel to the bus. all she could think about was a pen drive. when i live in those cases, they have an obsession with an object or situation. at that mcclellan done, the valet julio begins her warm up. and as soon as she touches the water, she's 100 percent focused on the race. even over, i've been of that, think about the movement of your arms and face very fast. okay. come on godaddy.
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i'm a hello. yes. yes. let's go with just minutes to go. it's time for julio to visualize the routines and pictograms. she's trained with how about us? ready rather. seated more. yeah. it lets go. hm. okay. mm hm. yeah. norm up we slowly move. are all ready. elbows down your head. am i dive strongly. ah, i lied. ah, that feed into arms. yes. look up with the impulse and we have to, i touch the wall,
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i greet my teammates. we wait for the referee, where sunny we come out on the steps. the championships end with great results, the julio 1st placed in the 200 meters freestar in a 2nd and 3rd place in other disciplines dying, it's been a well, i mean that already on this level qualifying 1st and 3rd, we're talking about the best spanish swim is in her category, a lot of kind of them are through the train is working with julio, the amos to prepare for the next championships, which will be in berlin. and i damn law that live near it. i want to take her to the olympics and i want her to enjoy it until then. julio will just enjoy the pool and the joyce swimming brings her. it's funny, she's happy and passes that on to others more those i both a
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